I’m so glad we get to have a session together! I will be in touch within a day or two so we can schedule it.

Please submit the following information at least 24 hours prior to your consultation so I can prepare a great session for you.  (If you bought this reading for someone else, please email me at and let me know that.  You don’t have to fill out the form.)

Check out the sample questions to give you a sense of how astrology can be most helpful to you.

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*A note on birth times: What we’re looking for here, ideally, is a precise time–e.g. 6:38pm. If you don’t know and it’s not on your birth certificate or some other birth souvenir, try to find a family member who would remember, if you’re young enough to do so. If the best you can come up with is “sometime between 6 and 7pm,” we can work with that. “Sometime around dinner” starts to get pretty hazy, and “in the evening” is so vague that it will really affect the depth of your reading.

There is an astrological technique called chart rectification that I can apply if you have an inexact birth time. This process uses a series of questions about the timing of events in your life to determine a probable birth time. I’m most comfortable doing this when you’re reasonably confident that the window of possible birth times is within two to three hours. Much more than that, and there are typically so many variables in play that it becomes difficult to pin down a time without relying a bit on faith and/or guessing. I’m too much of a skeptic to be comfortable with that, and you probably are, too. This exact window does, however, vary a bit from chart to chart. Don’t be shy about asking me to give yours a glance and check for rectification possibility, even if your birth time window is four or five hours long.

If I am comfortable with the amount of rectification work required to prepare a great consultation for you, an additional fee will apply, between $10 and $50, depending on the extent of rectification needed. If I determine that it’s impossible for me to calculate a birth time in which I am sufficiently confident, I will discuss with you more specifically what we can and cannot cover in the reading. From there we can determine whether you prefer to continue with a no-birth-time chart reading, or cancel and receive a refund.