Pay-what-you-can special.

Note: I’m not planning to continue offering these equinox sliding scale readings much longer.  This is because they haven’t been very sustainable for me in terms of the time and energy they require in exchange for the earnings I’ve typically received from them.  (You may have noticed that I didn’t run one in September, as my schedule was slammed with other things this fall.) 
BUT, it’s important to me to keep being there for those of you who can only work with me at these lower price points.  So I’m working on a suitable replacement offer.  Stay tuned.
All that said: right now my schedule is open enough that I can offer you these pay-what-you-can readings, as a labor of love.  So: bring it on!

It’s important to me that you know I’m still here for you.  Astrology isn’t a one-time thing.  It’s not like “oh, I had my chart done; that was cool.”
Your chart, and the insight it offers you, are changing and unfolding throughout your life.  If it’s been awhile since your consultation, some things have probably shifted for you.  Could you use some fresh insight?
I realize not everyone can afford to pay an astrologer $150 multiple times a year to do this work.  Heck, that’s not in my budget yet, and obviously this is a big priority in my life.
That’s why I’m offering a limited number of sliding scale appointments, available to those of you who have had sessions with me in the past.  You may also forward this to your friends who might be interested.  I’ve included a special offer for them, as well.

Happy Equinox Astro Check-in (existing clients only)
$60* – $100, 45+ minutes
Friends of friends thank you offer (for new clients)

$80* – $150, 60+ minutes

*If finances aren’t flowing for you enough to pay even at the low end of the scale right now, email me ( to talk about about a payment plan option.  (And let’s talk about financial strategies hidden in your chart!)

This offer is open until Saturday, March 31st–or whenever I run out of them.  (If this date causes you a problem re: payday timing, email me and we can work out a payment plan.)


To purchase:

I look forward to catching up with you!