The astrology of relationship–and why you might get along with Aries better than you think.

Regardless of “your sign,” this month's all about relationships. As we navigate Libra season these first few weeks of October, our task is to work on our relationships so they function better for everyone involved. Being careful to take others into consideration will be comfortable for some signs (e.g. Libra, Cancer, Virgo) and perhaps less [...]

“Hey, baby, what’s your sign?”: what your sun sign tells you (and doesn’t)

Happy Leo season!  Since Leo is the sun’s home sign, this is as good a time as any to talk about the sun in astrology. You already know your sun’s sign: it’s the one you’ve been told is “your sign,” although really you have many astrological signs. First of all, let’s clarify a few things [...]

You’re not “a Taurus”: what your moon sign can tell you

Let's be real: entertaining as they may be, most astrology columns come off as BS. Why? One reason is that astrology's actually really complicated, so writers--myself included--have to dumb it down to fit the space available and not bore you. (The other reason is that many “astrology writers” are just making shit up.) First off: [...]

Hot Tip: Read horoscopes for your Moon and Rising signs.

Who doesn’t enjoy reading their horoscope in newspapers or online from time to time?  It’s entertaining, even when they’re super vague (or, in some cases, totally made up by non-astrologers). If you’re just dipping your toes into astrology and reading a quality column, you might notice that some editions resonate with you a lot more [...]

Example questions for an astrology consultation

Considering having an astrological chart consultation?  You can read more about what I offer on this page. You don't have to have a specific question ready if you don't want to. Sometimes when I'm feeling shy or just curious about a someone's field that is new to me, I don't ask them specific questions either. [...]