Astrology with Kat

Let’s chat about you!

These are some of the types of things we can cover in 60+ minutes:

Your personality anchors and how to rock them: in other words, what you wish you were getting from the glossy magazines and free iPhone apps!  We’ll talk about the basic thrust of your personality, based on the positions of the sun, moon, ascendant and lunar nodes at the time of your birth. You’ll be surprised how much information this reveals about both the parts of yourself that you show to people and the parts you’re more likely to guard closely.  I’ll also give you some food for thought about how you can orient yourself to make the most positive and productive use of your unique gifts and challenges.  This is a great choice if you’re brand-new to astrology and just want me to tell you some stuff about your chart.  It also makes a nice present.

A full natal chart consultation:  much more fleshed out and nuanced than the “personality anchors” session described above.  We’ll cover all of that reading’s information–quickly, if you had that reading already, or methodically, if you didn’t. We’ll also factor in information from the planets (even Pluto!) and other points in your birth chart, as well the convoluted relationships between them all.  Going this much farther into the chart means significantly greater depth about your process of personal growth, as well as things like your love life, spiritual life, relationship to change, and your mental, physical and emotional gifts and challenges.

Should I do X or Y?  Contemplating making a big change in your life and have it narrowed down to a couple of options?  I can help you figure out which choice is likely to help you be happiest in the long run.

What are the basic themes of this year of my life?  A great question at any time, but especially around your birthday.

A consultation because holy hell your life is complicated right now: We can go into depth about what you’re currently experiencing, both internally and externally.  We’ll look at the information from how your chart is unfolding at this point in time to better understand the themes underlying the relationships and conditions of your life, and how you’re reacting to them.  Throughout the session we’ll focus on finding the path forward that will help you maximize personal growth and minimize pain… and also where to find the strength to withstand necessary growing pains gracefully.  This is a great consultation at any time, but especially if you’re in some kind of transition (starting or leaving a significant relationship or job or college, moving long-distance, processing a traumatic experience, etc.)  It’s also a great consultation for anyone within a couple of years of the cusp of 30, 40, or 60, since these are intense times when we’re all transformed (in our own unique ways) by forces marked by clear indicators in the transit and progressed charts.

60+ minute session: $150
Contact me to request a session.

When people (and their charts) collide: Relationship Consultation for Two (or more)

One of the coolest things about astrology is that it can help us see more objectively how the people we love operate differently than we do, and how we affect one another in ways we may not understand.  I’d be honored to sit down with the two* of you and help you sort out your relationship’s strengths and blind spots.
*(or the three or four of you, if you’re in a poly situation, or if you’d like to include your teen/tweenage children in the session.  Contact me if there are more than four of you and we’ll figure it out an appropriate consultation length and fee.)

This is also a fantastic gift for a new parent.  I’ll compare the baby’s chart with one or more of the parents’ charts.  This allows me to give a heads-up about how the parents might be able to nurture the new human’s strengths, and support more challenging areas.   We can also discuss possible points of tension that may develop at particular times between the kid and parent, and strategies for working through them effectively.

If you are one person wanting an individual consultation about how to make your significant relationship work better, or trying to decide whether to start or end a relationship, or looking for insight into how to attract love into your life, this isn’t the session for you.  You want a regular 90-minute session if possible, so we can really dig in, or a 30-minute session if that’s what’s feasible for you.   We can get all kinds of insight into your experience with these situations from your chart, without dissecting someone else’s behind their back.

To book a relationship reading, just edit the quantity in the shopping cart to reflect the number of people involved in the reading.

Relationship reading: # of people x $150  (I’ll throw in analysis of the comparison charts for free!)
Contact me to request a session.

What to expect:

1. After you email me to request a session, I’ll send you a PayPal payment link and a link to an intake questionnaire.   The questionnaire will ask for your  birthday, including year, hour, minute and location, and a couple of other basic questions. (Birth time is non-negotiable if you want to get your money’s worth; you can estimate if you need to but it will make a noticeable difference in how specific I can get. It may be on your birth certificate, or a parent might remember.  If you can’t get your birth time, we can discuss applying astrological chart rectification techniques; additional charge may apply.)

2. I will plug these details into a computer program that will spit out the relevant chart(s).  (An astrology “chart” is a map of the sky at a particular moment and place, such as your birth, or your most recent birthday.)  I’ll then spend an hour or two on my own, analyzing the positions of the sun, moon, and planets in the chart(s) and the relationships between them.

3. We’ll sit down in person, on Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangout, or over the phone  for a chat about what you’re experiencing now, what you’d like to experience more or less of, and how to make that happen using your unique gifts and personality patterns.

4. I will follow up by emailing you a recording of our session, if you like, so you don’t have to try to remember every detail or spend a lot of time taking notes.

I’m an astrologer, not a professional psychic, and astrology is reliable in its revealing of themes and strategies, not so much granular details.  What that means is that I won’t know the specific details of your situation unless you tell me. It’s up to you how much you choose to share with me. But regardless of how much detail you give me, there will probably be a lot of moments where I say something that rings true for you in a way I couldn’t possibly have known with the information you gave me. That’s usually how astrology works.

I’ll probably tell you a lot that you haven’t thought about consciously, even if you know it intuitively. Some of it will be flattering to you and some of it will be more challenging, but you can expect to take away a variety of useful, practical insights into how to approach your unique situation.